Current Lending Environment; FHA, VA News; HELOC Resets Doing Well

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How much would you pay to keep your job, or find a new one? Political analysts forecast that two wealthy contenders for the 2018 Illinois governor spot (yes, that Illinois, with its financial difficulties) will spend more than $300 million trying to be elected. Fiscal intelligence? What’s the environment like out there? Jeff Babcock , who heads up STRATMOR’s M&A effort, writes, “In conversations with various lenders, I’m detecting a growing degree of pessimism about mortgage origination performance for the full year 2017. It seems that even the best-managed lenders are maintaining volumes at 2016 levels, but with lower margins. The average performers’ volume is down 10% to maybe even 20%. While 2nd Quarter production accelerated after a slow 1st Quarter, several executives expressed concern…(read more)

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